Webinars - Live & Recorded

Live/Virtual: lab/seminar training when in-person options aren’t feasible. Content customizable (clinical & non-clinical).
*Recorded will be made available on our partner site Vet Bloom. Subscription or a la carte options; (All RACE-approved CE)

Workshops & Labs

Clinical & non-clinical skills, product overviews & installs. Choose from the content options below or make a request – we’ll make it happen.

Growth & Development

Clinical skills, soft skills and/or life coaching with our partner Incentive. This 1:1 setting provides a focal option for an individual team member's growth.

Content Creation

Training materials (UM, Pocket guides, Infographics), Assessments/Evaluations, Presentations. We take your brand and customize it - increasing accessibility & impact.

Content Options

Subject material includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Clinical Skills
    • GP, ER/CC, CPR/RECOVER, Anesthesia, Surgery, Oncology, Radiology, Pharmacology, Calculations, etc.
  • Non-clinical Skills
    • Communication, Time Management, Organization
    • Learning/Instruction Styles
      • EI, VARK, DiSC

*Pricing dependent upon service selected, participants, and customization options.  Market Rate (coaching/consulting): $250/hour

What We Create

We are excited to provide our – customizable – templates & clinical models for purchase!  We’ve only just begun, and will continue to expand our offerings so keep checking back for updates! 

We love hearing from you! Keep in touch so we can Inspire, Instruct, Impact - Together!