Excel Veterinary Clinic Training Program


    Excel Training Package for Veterinary Clinics.  Package includes up to 3 disciplines within the office, should you require more please contact us for pricing.



    In this veterinary clinic program EVT will develop EVThresholds that cover skills required by job type and level of experience. This program includes tailoring of all templates to align to the veterinary clinic’s practice needs and protocols. Additionally, the program includes development of progressions, traditionally known as leveling protocols, that show how to progress within the role within the practice. 

    This package includes up to 3 roles (e.g., CSR, VT, VA) or 3 departments (e.g., or ER, IM, AX) within a practice.  To add any additional roles/departments, and for pricing please discuss your needs with EVT.  Businesses outside of the Greater Philadelphia, PA area (>/= 50 miles) will accrue additional travel fees.

    • Includes:
      • EVTraining
        • Initial evaluation of veterinary clinic team
        • Creation and customization of EVThresholds (skill sets) for the team (up to 3 departments)
          • VT, VA, CSR
        • Training to Train Workshop
          • 2 hours
        • Virtual Launch Meeting – to go over all templates and provide implementation guidance up to 2 hours total 
        • Virtual Pulse Checks every month for 6 months post Launch meeting
      • Deliverables include:
        • Evaluation Outbrief 
          • Recommended Org Structure
          • Roles and responsibilities within the practice
          • Recommended changes to improve the efficiency and health of the practice
        • Protocol and EVThresholds for the team (up to 3 departments)
          • VT, VA, CSR
        • Training to Train workshop slides
        • EVTraining Guidebook
        • Assessment Templates
        • Evaluation Templates
        • Progression Templates
        • Initial Necessary Knowledge (INK) checks (5 disciplines) 


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