Our Services

Webinars - Live & Recorded

Live/Virtual: lab/seminar training when in-person options aren’t feasible. Content customizable (clinical & non-clinical). Recorded: Will be available on our partner site Vet Bloom. Subscription or ala carte options; RACE approved CE

Leadership Development

ID of leaders within existing team with 1:1 course(s) to expand existing skills & develop new ones.

Workshops & Labs

Clinical skills, soft skills, product installs. Choose from the list below or make a request – we’ll make it happen.

Growth & Development

Clinical skills, soft skills and/or life coaching with our partner Incentive. This 1:1 setting provides a focal option for an individual team member's growth.

Training Programs

Team Evaluations/Assessments, Onboarding & Orientation, Benchmarks - we create the format & provide the materials for you to implement.

Content Creation

Training materials (UM, Pocket guides, Infographics), Assessments/Evaluations, Presentations. We take your brand and customize it - increasing accessibility & impact.

Content Options:

Subject material includes but is not limited to:

  • Clinical Skills

    • GP, ER/CC, CPR/RECOVER, Anesthesia, Surgery, Oncology, Radiology, Pharmacology, Calculations, etc.

  • Soft Skills

    • Communication, Time Management, Organization

    • Learning/Instruction styles

      • EI, VARK, DiSC

Pricing dependent upon service selected, participants, and customization options.  Market Rate (coaching/consulting): $125/hour

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