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It’s 2021.

The year that was supposed to be different…and it still can be.

Within these pages lies wisdom, insight, humor, and maybe, just maybe that one piece that resonates to your very core.

From EVT & Get MotiVETed to you, happy reading…

What We Create

We are excited to provide our – customizable – templates & clinical models for purchase!  We’ve only just begun, and will continue to expand our offerings so keep checking back for updates! 

ER Triage Form

Detailed summary for the Veterinary ER – thorough signalment, Hx, vital assessment – from the vet tech/nurse to the doctor.

CPR Record

Adhering to the RECOVER guidelines, this will streamline the process during a CPA.

Skills Assessment - TEMPLATE

Streamline your onboarding process with this template – giving you a clear way to assess your new teammate’s initial skill set.

(Customizable skills avail. upon request; email

Skills Evaluation(s) - TEMPLATE

Taking the guesswork out of the clinical skills evaluation process, this template takes the guesswork out of evaluating your teammate’s skills progression from Learning to Mastery.

(Customizable eval. benchmarks avail. upon request; email

Team Leveling Strategy

In progress…

Coming soon!

Training Assessment(s)

In progress…

Coming soon!

Clinical Skill Models
Venipuncture & IVC Placement
CPR Mannequins*

Vascular Trainer

Canine or Feline – jugular, cephalic, or saphenous.  Each venipuncture trainer comes with a 2-pack of reusable veins (#25 punctures) & detailed instructions for use.  


This kit includes the Vascular Trainer of your selection, instructions for use + a downloadable training video .  

Vascular Package

Includes everything from the Vascular Kit AND a 1:1 Training session (30 -60 min; phlebotomy → central lines) that will cover either phlebotomy or catheterization techniques.  

*Custom Orders ONLY at this time

CPR Trainers

We are excited to announce that we will be custom making neonate, feline & canine  mannequins for CPR training!  All materials are recycled and/or repurposed.  Final costs are dependent on model & training options selected

Email us for details!