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Alyssa Mages, CVO

22 May 2020

No, you didn’t read that wrong, you’re now a part of one of my favorite things to do – combine thoughts and words to create something new and impactful.

Inspirotivation is one of my latest, a combination of inspiration and motivation.  Although many people consider these to be mutually exclusive, to me it makes more sense to meld them, as one stems from internal forces and the other from external.  Depending upon the situation you’re in, the inner feeling may be stronger whereas in others the environmental factors and people surrounding you take precedence.  What if instead of choosing one or the other, you take a bit of that inner strength and some of the external push and merge them into one self-empowering mantra?   Congrats, you just became inspirotivated!

Yes, it’s a different concept, and no, this word doesn’t simply roll off the tongue, but then finding the paths of inspiration and winding through the maze to find your motivation aren’t always easy feats either.  Often, it’s not just one thing that we use to get us up and moving, and it’s not an easy concept to determine our motivational factors – this is a process, and it’s one that is ever changing and evolving throughout our lives.

If you’re wondering which part of the combo is internal and which is external, according to various definitions, inspiration stems from the internal forces that give you the ability to push yourself, and motivation is what you see and/or perceive around you that kicks your brain into gear to do things.  See how I got to the juncture of these definitions to make my own?  They’re not all that different conceptually, only locally.  For music lovers, this is how songs are created isn’t it?  And other artists, here’s where the color blending starts.  Take it on the athletic field and this is where the real game begins – were the offense & defense meet.

This linguistic journey opened another thought path towards what is my inspirotivation?  This in and of itself would be an entire post, but to put it simply I am inspirotivated by and for my family.  To do and be my best because it’s what’s needed, it’s what feels and IS right, and I want to make a positive impact for change in my own life and in the lives of those around me.

What’s your inspirotivation?  How can you make it into reality?  That isn’t something I or anyone can answer for you, but is something I would love to hear more about – feel free to comment or share and you may just find that YOU become someone’s inspirotivation in turn.

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  1. Cindy

    Inspirotivation – fabulous mash of two words/emotions/actions. Great food for thought – thanks! My inspiotivation is to be like the butterfly: they have only moments in their lifetime, but have time enough. I am inspired by the world in which I live, which motivates me to be the best I can be, each day. I have good days and then, some days are just better than others! Keep on inspirotivating us!

    1. Alyssa

      Thank you so much Cindy 🙂 Your words are inspirotivating us all over again – keep in touch!

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