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Caitlin Keat, COO

28 August 2020

“Hope springs eternal”

“Hope is not a management strategy”

It may sound odd at first read but these two quotes represent the circle of hope to me. Hope is a quintessentially human motivator. It is quite literally what gets us out of bed every day, driven by the hope that today will be a good day.

Hope has fueled every major discovery we’ve made as humans. It’s the hope that tomorrow’s experiment will yield different results. The steadfast climb to the top of the mountain, hope fueling every step. It is hope that sparks revolutions and changes countries. It the hope that we can better, kinder and fairer that keeps our People of Color fighting for change.

Hope has an indefatigable power and energy. This spark and fire that you can see but can’t quite identify. When that spark burns out in a person or a country, we to remember there are more sparks out there ready to reignite us. “Hope springs eternal.”

“Hope is not a management strategy.” Once you have hope, that fire and that #goal, you need a plan. You can’t harness your hope or get to your goal without a strategy.

Those great scientific discoveries started with an experiment plan that was implemented step by step. The mountaineer does not get to the top without mapping out the trail, understanding the weather, and packing appropriate gear. Revolutions start on hope, but they aren’t successful without #strategy, messaging, recruitment and a goal. We will not bring true #equality into this country without developing the tenets of change and detailed steps on how we achieve that #change.

Nurture your hope. Develop your plan. Change the world.

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