A Profession in Crisis

There is an urgent need to be trained to see our perceived failures in new ways that allow us to grow. Clinics must create a culture that supports a community centered on wellness in their business models. The stakes are too high not to. #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #veterinary #veterinarymedicine #vetmed #veterinarylife #training #support #listen #act #savealife

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The world feels like it's resting heavy on our shoulders. Grief is making itself felt by us all. We can't get over it - we get on WITH it.

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I4 Intervention

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t’s fair enough to say that we are ALL ready for a change & that most of us recognize that if we want it, we’ve gotta make it happen. The veterinary world has been hit hard in 2020 & needs a change more than ever. Here’s where we come in…

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