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In empowering others, lessening our impact on the planet and giving back to the community and the Veterinary Community.  We have done podcasts, YouTube videos and have been featured in magazines.  We believe our work speaks for itself but we love talking shop and hopefully sparking creativity and productivity for those around us.  Thanks for looking/listening to our works!

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YouTube Interviews/Features

Full video interview with Alyssa Mages, CVT, and Danny Vazquez-Mondragon, CVT, who are two members of PVMA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

Alyssa Mages, CVT and Caitlin Keat share their experience in crafting successful communications strategies for veterinary practices.

Alyssa sits in on this webinar to giver her take on the following topics: The Generational Shift and whether millennial veterinary professionals are different to motivate, how to set goals that create a sense of belonging and how to build thriving teams and reduce employee turnover with the application of positive psychology.

Alyssa sits down with her Alma Mater to discuss her path in the Veterinary World.

The veterinary technician’s role in surgery is a discussion about how to assist your veterinary team during surgical procedures. From preparing the room, clipping and scrubbing the patient, to post-surgical cleaning and care of the surgical suite. This program is hosted by certified veterinary technician, Alyssa Mages.

Ever have one of those jobs? No matter how hard you try, everything seems to go wrong. Your coworkers are fighting, your manager is angry, and everything else just seems to go wrong. As the days wear on, you begin to predict the next bad thing in your head, because that is just how the day is going. Toxic teams are not good for anyone. Vet Candy Life hosts, Dr. Quincy Hawley and Renee Machel talk about their experiences with toxic teams and give tips on how to deal.

Special guest, Alyssa Mages from Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT), talks about the importance of empowering team members.

Math is the subject that tends to elicit more than a few groans and let’s be honest, it can cause some serious brain cramps. But in our profession, it’s necessary, so this becomes pain with a purpose! This presentation covers the foundations of medical math from conversions to dilutions, takes a deeper dive into IVF, and culminates with CRIs. Woven throughout are some EVTips to make the process as smooth as possible in creating a math mentality instead of the math making us mental!

Dr. Ivan Zak, the researcher, hosted Dr. Lauren Catenacci, organizational psychologist specializing in transformational change and culture, Alyssa Mages, trainer, coach and a motivational speaker advocating for the empowerment of veterinary teams, and Dr. Melanie Bowden, presenter of a viral TedX talk on mental well-being in the veterinary profession and author of the book What The F**K Is This VetMed?: Hard Won Lessons for a New Generation of Veterinary Professional.

This piece, written by Alyssa, defines what a veterinary mentor is and should be. She details some of her two decade experience within the Vet world and what she looked for in a mentor and what she gained from these experiences.

Alyssa sits in on this webinar to giver her take on the following topics: The Generational Shift and whether millennial veterinary professionals are different to motivate, how to set goals that create a sense of belonging and how to build thriving teams and reduce employee turnover with the application of positive psychology. On the transcript page (linked above), in true Alyssa fashion she shares her vision on what makes Veterinarians happier. If you’d like to see the full webinar, it is linked under YouTube videos above.

Over the years, I have led, been part of, or observed teams succeed and fail, and through these experiences, I have discovered a few approaches that leaders often use to get the most out of their teams. In the next few paragraphs, I will discuss how to take your team HIGHER.

Here are the stories of 5 entrepreneurs who took their passion for the veterinary profession, combined it with a desire for positive change, and created businesses to deliver much-needed services in innovative ways.

This piece, written by Alyssa, goes over Training for Skill and Coaching, how they are different and why both are essentials to Vet Med.


Caffeinators, if your morning cup of coffee doesn’t open your eyes, this episode surely will! Alyssa Mages, BS, CVT, recently came by the Vet Tech Cafe and knocked our socks off. We covered so much ground in this episode, but at the same time, every little thing we discussed could’ve been its own hour of discussion. She’s a founder of Empowering Veterinary Teams, and that was where the bulk of the discussion lies-what that looks like, what they do, how it started… you know we love to talk about veterinary technician entrepreneurs! We covered training, utilization, and a whole host of other topics. She’s also a Board member of Pawsibilities, and we cover that as well. Just listen, we promise you’ll dig this one!

On this episode of Vet Success Alyssa talks about Empowering Teams for Success and Longevity​.

On this episode Dr. Jill Lopez and Alyssa talk about everything from the challenges of motherhood during the pandemic to the certification we have in the works for respiratory therapy.

On this episode Alyssa and Dr. Jessica talk about life, love and owning your awesome!

“Owning your awesomeness!” Alyssa talks about reinvention and re-imagining her role in the Vet world. Listen to her share her story about risk taking an staring down fear.​

Alyssa breaks down what we do at EVT and why we do it! She goes over our clinical skills training and overall vision for EVT.​

On this episode Alyssa talks about her journey from CVT to Educator.

Alyssa sits down with Practice Management Consultant Debbie Boone for an in depth interview.

Alyssa Mages has 18-years of experience in multiple disciples of veterinary medicine and in 2020, she started Empowering Veterinary Teams with Caitlin Keat, BS, MS. Alyssa is an ally, a trainer and coach, a speaker, a mentor, and an empowerment enthusiast. We discuss her pivotal career journey as well as how to empower individuals and empower teams in veterinary medicine and Alyssa believes we can do it with fun.

During this episode, Alyssa Mages and Dr. Moriah address several aspects of clinical training and its importance to veterinary professionals. Alyssa Mage discusses how clinical training benefits a veterinarian student’s professional development, noting the differences in approach between young students and seasoned veterinarians.

On this episode of Desk Wench Confessions, Caitlin meets the amazing Alyssa Mages who shares some really funny stories about life working in a veterinary clinic.

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